Main House

The Manor house, also known a Main house, stands on a hilltop and a system of grand neo-Renaissance-style staircase and terraces leads from its lateral facade down to the adjacent lake and a small man-made heart-shaped island by a charming little bridge. This terrace system is a great rarity according to the opinion of historians and it can be considered as one of the most outstanding such kind of Neo–Renaissance style buildings in Latvia.

Image of the Manor house has been built with great reverence, comprises an invaluable historical heritage and contemporary art elements that characterized the original Art Nouveau and Neoclassical wall and ceiling paintings, silk and wool hand-woven carpets in the manor, from Iran and Afghanistan, as well as many other contemporary shades, interior design perfect performance.The Manor’s extensive reconstruction took place under the guidance of architect Zaiga Gaile.


Starting from € 1500